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Trust administration services from experienced attorneys to help the trustee manage the trust of the deceased while counseling him throughout the process

Perhaps you have lost a loved one and are beginning to look at the steps you must take following their death. If you were chosen as the trustee of an estate, it would be tough going through their things, finding their deeds, paying their taxes and debts and administering the will and living trust they left behind, and disposing of the assets to all the legal beneficiaries in a fair way. Trust administration can be daunting and is a long process that can extend to a year.

The process requires a lot of patience, and you need to understand various legal understandings; but if you aren’t up for this, then consider getting the help of a professional attorney. At the Law Firm of Gary A. Bixler, Attorney at Law, we had resolved the post-death administration for thousands of estates, easing the burden on clients throughout Grover Beach, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Maria. We offer a free-of-cost initial consultation to trustees to determine the things needed to be done during administration and find them the best ways to achieve their goals.

Legal Assistance to Trustees for The Trust Administration Process

Nominating a person as a trustee is both an honor and a responsibility. Choosing someone to be the trustee indicates that you have trust in them in managing your estate once you die. However, for some individuals administering the trust can be a burden, especially if they don’t have any prior experience managing the estate of a deceased. Trustees have many responsibilities and hold fiduciary duties to beneficiaries as well as to the creators of the trust, and failure to adhere to those responsibilities may expose stakeholders to personal liability.

At Gary A. Bixler Attorney at Law, we can help you administer the trust. Our experienced lawyers have been helping trustees with trust administration for years, and we completely understand the process involved and the legalities you must fulfill. We act as trusted counselors throughout the administration process, offering consultancy and support to clients as they act as trustees. Located in Grover Beach, between San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria, we help trustees successfully navigate the trust administration.

Trust and Estate Administration Attorney

Mourning the death of a loved one is difficult but what adds to the stress is estate administration. Instead of grieving for the deceased, a surviving family member is usually tasked with paying their loved one’s taxes, distributing assets, and meeting the financial obligations of the estate. Trust administration is a difficult process, and even if you feel comfortable executing the terms of the trust, any errors made can have lasting consequences.

Professional Trust Administration Attorneys

At Gary A. Bixler Attorney at Law, we take the time to listen to our clients and strive to make the process of probate and estate administration as easy as possible. When there are implications about the distribution of property or administration of the estate, our team will be at your side, ready to address your concerns compassionately and patiently.

If you require legal assistance with an estate, you should speak with an experienced trust and estate administration attorney as soon as possible. 

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