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Comprehensive legal Advice for Wills and Inheritances

When you have worked hard to establish a stable and certain future for your loved ones, it is crucial to ensure that the legacy is passed to them the way you want. You may believe that in the event of your death, your inheritance will be transferred seamlessly to those you want to leave it to, but estate and its planning are quite complex.
Working with an attorney who is experienced in the trust and estate process gives you the opportunity to explore various solutions for estate planning, have the foresight to avoid potential problems, consider tax issues, and create a living will or trust.
Gary A. Bixler Attorney at Law, is a renowned law firm operating in Grover Beach, Santa Maria, and San Luis Obispo, and helps you create will and trust. We provide our client’s assistance and advice in cases concerning wills and trusts. Our lawyers look after the various estate and trust issues and do their best to protect the client’s rights.

Helping you Plan Future of Your Loved Ones

Planning to transfer one’s assets upon death is a type of preparation for the future that many people put off. If you postpone drafting your will, you may lose the opportunity to establish a plan that carries out your intentions and transfers your assets upon death in the most efficient and effective way. As a law firm, we can assist you in all areas of estate planning and management and can make sure all your interests are covered so that you can leave the legacy you want.

Expert Advice for Your Wills and Trust

Gary A. Bixler Attorney at Law is an expert law firm. We provide will and trust services to clients in Grover Beach, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Maria. Our lawyers put their years of experience in the field at your service to advise you in case of any doubt when drafting your will or when defending your rights to an inheritance. We customize will and trust documents for each of our clients and take care of their concerns when creating or modifying a previously made will.

Safeguarding Your Interest through Will Preparation

At Gary A. Bixler Attorney at Law, we have attorneys experienced in all aspects of estate planning and trust management. Our attorneys represent clients from all professions and social conditions, including workers, union leaders, senior managers, associations, and private companies. Our estate planning attorneys work collaboratively with clients and their families, informing them of very sensitive issues that affect them, their children, and their other beneficiaries.

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We put off writing our wills because we don’t like to think about dying. But a clear, properly drafted will is one of the most loving things we can do for our family. Our law firm has experience handling all of such documents, including the creation of trust funds and special needs trusts. Our attorney has worked with many clients, with estates ranging from large to modest, including complex assets such as businesses, real estate ownership, large investments, and retirement portfolios.

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